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Hot Shots: Deposit Fire Department

This month we feature the Deposit Fire Department, proudly serving the residents of the Village of Deposit, Town of Deposit, Town of Sanford, and Town of Scott.

The Deposit fire protection district has a little bit of everything to offer. In addition to the industrial areas there is the more densely populated area with the Village of Deposit. In the village you find all the normal building that you would find in any small-town U.S.A; apartment buildings, one- and two-story businesses, schools, homes, and recreational areas. The municipal water system allows for fire hydrants. Outside the village, you find a more rural setting with large homes, farms, and other agricultural related businesses. Here, there is no municipal water system which makes firefighting more difficult. As a result of the varying protection district, Deposit Firefighters must be trained in both urban and rural firefighting tactics/strategies.

The Deposit Fire Department operates out of one station strategically located in the Village of Deposit at the center of the protection district. It is a village run department meaning all the apparatus and equipment is village owned. The department is primarily funded by the taxpayers, All Firefighters and E.M.S. Providers are volunteer.

The Deposit Fire Department is one of the busiest volunteer departments in Broome County. The department is dispatched to approximately 520 calls a year. This includes fire and medical related emergencies.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information:


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