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Hot Shots - Watkins Glen Fire Department

The month we feature the Watkins Glen Fire Department is a 100% Volunteer Department founded in 1862. The Department covers a 58 square mile response district out of one station, located at the southern end of Seneca Lake in the Village of Watkins Glen NY. The Department answers an average of 700+ alarms a year throughout Schuyler County, including Fire, EMS, Auto Extrication, High Angle Rescue, and many other types of alarms.

The Watkins Glen Fire Department Officers are:

  • Fire Chief, Jason Hudson

  • 1st Assistant Chief- Rob Gruver

  • 2nd Assistant Chief -Charlie Scaptura

  • 3rd Assistant Chief - Tyler Moore

  • Deputy Chief- Dominick Smith

  • Deputy Chief- Jud Smith

  • Deputy Chief- Rob DeDominick

  • EMS Captain- Anthony Nieves

The Watkins Glen Fire Department Fleet consists of:

  • 1999 75’ Ladder Truck and 2015 Tanker

  • 2007 Heavy Rescue Engine and 2011 Engine

  • 2010 F-350 Brush truck and 2015 F-250 Utility truck

  • 1998 Tahoe Duty Chief Response Vehicle and 2017 Chevy Suburban

  • 2007 Polaris 6x6 and Fire Boat

  • Tech Rescue Trailer and Incident Command trailer

  • 2017 Ford Escape EMS Vehicle

The Watkins Glen Fire Department has deep tradition and values not hampered or held back by time. They are very aggressive in providing state of the art training to all members to ensure safety at every alarm. In addition, the Department offers fire extinguisher training at the fire house on Monday nights at 7pm, and at public events throughout the year. Corporate training is also available, call the Department for more information.

The public is always welcome to stop by the firehouse on Monday nights from 7pm to 9pm to meet the volunteers hard at work. Also, everyone is encouraged to stop at one of the many events in the community to learn more about the fire department.

For more information about the Watkins Glen Fire Department visit them on the web and Facebook:


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