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Fashion Life in the Southern Tier (and beyond)

The Southern Tier is full of creatives with a strong sense of grassroots entrepreneurship. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the fashion genre. In addition to being the hometown of the legendary Hilfiger Family, the region continues to inspire new generations of innovative fashion artists like streetwear designer, reality TV star and fashion consultant Eddy Knoxx, fashion mentor, designer and entertainment guru Jordan Brooks, and the local fashion influencer and philanthropist Emmi Saufley, CEO of the nonprofit Runway For A Cause and owner of Le Kim Associates, LLC.

Southern Tier Fashion Life explores the region's influence on all aspects of the fashion world, locally and globally with stories, podcasts and more.

Fashion Sense with Le Kim

Explore the ins and outs of the fashion business industry with Emmi Saufley, owner of Le Kim Associates, LLC and CEO of Runway For A Cause.

Join Emmi as she navigates the creative and business aspects of the fashion industry, from the Southern Tier to the hottest runways and fashion houses around the globe.

Fashion Sense with Le Kim will give you a peek behind-the-scenes at fashion and social events, take you to exotic places, and introduce you to the creatives working to make a name for themselves in the fast-paced, competitive world of fashion.

This is just the beginning! Follow Emmi's journey and keep track of the fashion biz in the Southern Tier at Southern Tier Fashion Life. You can also find Emmi on Instagram at Le Kim Fashions, Runway For A Cause and Emmi Saufley.

Southern Tier Life Fashion Stories

Sweet Home Southern Tier: Shannah Warwick creates flowing, mystical designs and custom haute couture based on her heightened energetic senses, which have become stronger since she moved to the Southern Tier region.

Emmi Saufley w- 2022 Models.jpg
Emmi Saufley.Fashion Designer of Le Kim and co-owner of Runway For A Cause.jpg
Jordan Brooks aka lacedbylacroix with fashion designers Andy, left, and Tommy Hilfiger.jpg
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Fashion Kulture

Fashion Kulture by Laced by Lacroix, hosted by Jordan Brooks, covers fashion and his experiences in the fashion world as a freelance stylist, photographer and budding actor. Jordan's podcast will feature insightful and scoop-alicious interviews with local and international fashionistas and pop culture insiders.

In Part 2 of Ep. 2 of Fashion Kulture by Laced by Lacroix, media personality Sharif D. King, shares what's up next as he takes what he's learned from his time living and working in the Southern Tier to the next level.


In Part 1 of Ep. 2 of Fashion Kulture by Laced by Lacroix, host Jordan Brooks gets real with media personality Sharif D. King, who talks about his roots and rise through the broadcast industry and what he's learned during his time living and working in the Southern Tier.

Podcast Ep. 1: Fashion Kulture by Laced by Lacroix premieres with an interview featuring fashion designer, celebrity stylist, creative director and entertainer Eddie Knoxx, who discusses building her reputation and brand. Knoxx aka Brittney Brooks went from working at Wegmans in Elmira, NY to designing the DVMN Pigeon fashion line. She appeared in season 2 of HBO Max's The Hype.

Thank You to FMG Recording Studios for production of the Fashion Kulture Laced by Lacroix podcast. Learn more at

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