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Southern Tier Fashion Life


By Emmi Saufley

Attending The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lake’s New Boots: Runway Reboot Fashion Show fundraiser this past February, was quite an exciting take on sustainability in fashion!

I sat at the VIP table alongside some amazing people, including the Director of Talent for my nonprofit Runway for a Cause, Jaimie Hand, as we watched the show unravel with creativity. The fundraiser showcased 17 designers, who took the runway by showing off unique garments made from all recycled materials. It was impressive!

Each piece was crafted with so much detail, thought and creativity, you could tell the designer put a lot of time and effort into it. 

I was blown away by every single piece. From a designers perspective, it was inspiring to see how each designer turned recycled materials into something so beautiful and unique!

Attending the Runway Reboot Fashion Show was an amazing experience overall! Having produced, attended, and been in fashion shows all over the world this one was like no other. It showcased a unique take of sustainable fashion, provided a whole new level of creativity, and left the audience ready for more!

Photos, left to right, of Emmi Saufley with guest Jaimie Hand at The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes' fashion fundraiser, poster of the nonprofit's signature event, and Emmi pictured with the owner of Pip's Boutique and an employee and model in the show. (Event photos provided courtesy of Emmi Saufley)

Miss La Diva was the perfect MC for the show. She made sure the audience was fully engaged and made the event memorable.

There was too much inspiration! It gave me new insight on how to approach year five for Runway For A Cause. What to include for VIP, the design, setup of seating to the stage layout, and so much more. 

The turnout of the event seemed like a sold out show! Which from my point of view, made me very happy for all involved. This means a lot to the producers of the event, the designers, models, venue, beauty team, photographers, media and staff.

One of my favorite things about attending fashion shows is seeing people’s outfits. I love to see what inspires their fit, from the hair and makeup, to the shoes, accessories and clothing, it always tells a story of what fashion means to them. It’s a chance for people to really express who they are without having to say anything. 

I left New Boots with high compliments to the designers, and hope they can continue creating beautiful pieces through sustainability. I hope to make it to more of The ARTS Council’s reboot runway shows in the future!

* Visit to check out the video Emmi created of her New Boots experience, and for more Southern Tier fashion news.


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