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Emmi's Excellent Adventures

A trip around the world and a dream realized in September 2023

First stop, the Dominican Republic for a family friend’s wedding. This was the best way to begin my month-long adventure to Europe, enjoying the warm sunny beach as my “vacation”.

After a few beach days, I headed to London for Fashion Week! A talented designer who showcased in the third annual Runway for a Cause fashion show, held in Horseheads, NY was showing her line at London Fashion Week! It was a true honor to have gotten the chance to watch the owner/designer of AngElixs Designs, Angie Smith, hit the runway. London’s fashion was a little more than just business casual. Sneakers are paired with everything, blazers were a staple, crossbody bags/fanny packs, men are in suits, women are more business casual with a mix of heels and stylish footwear. The vintage markets were awesome! I landed a steal with a versatile coat handmade by a designer with a top tier pitch. I had the opportunity to meet some incredible designers from all over the world, open the door to future business collaborations, and more!

Check out the pictures and videos from fashion and business consultant Emmi Saufley's excellent adventures in Europe in September 2023.

After exploring London, I headed to Amsterdam. Amsterdam’s fashion was pretty casual and athleisure for most. It was such a cool place to network! Brussels was another place that mixed streetwear with athleisure. Both of these cities were beautiful places to explore new cultures, and languages, and see how fashion is interpreted in different parts of the world. It inspired me. 

On to the next … Paris, France. A dream of mine growing up was to go to Paris, not sure how or when, but a dream. The moment I walked out of the train station, saw the buildings, and the people speaking French, I almost cried happy tears. Everything was so beautiful, I couldn’t believe it was a reality – The dream of making it here, I did it!

Paris fashion was top tier, and as you can imagine the French flare on everything was remarkable. From the classy, elegant looks to their take on athleisure.

All of the florals, historic buildings, formal greetings from bonjour to au revoir, kindness, and gratitude came from everyone. In Paris, I attended a women’s networking business pitch where I met a ton of incredible, passionate women fulfilling their dreams, breaking stereotypes, and creating platforms for all kinds of people. I was blown away by every woman who pitched their ideas in a room full of women supporting women. Granted, at this moment I realized I should study the French language before I come back, BUT sometimes language doesn’t need to be a barrier to understanding. Exploring the metro, public transportation, and walking a ton I ended up at a fashion show in the 9th Arrondissement showcasing designers from across the globe.

Every venue, building, and store I walked into had a unique design to tell its story. Making my way back to hotel rooms where I lived for a month, I woke up to incredible rooftop views, warm sunny days, and surrounded by the biggest fashion designers in the world. Towards the end of my trip, I sat front row VIP at the Paris City Fashion Week which showcased one of my favorite women-owned businesses back in the States – Just BE. 72 by Margaret Evette and Lauren Lucy – a powerhouse team that slayed the runway at PCFW. Women supporting women. The true superpower.

The streets of Europe became my runway. I ended this trip with such gratitude, a new perspective, tons of valuable connections, and a reminder that fashion is everywhere and you HAVE to experience the beauty of the world at least once.

The “I made it” moments happened a ton. I made it through a trip abroad alone. I figured out five new countries that had their own version of life. I conquered the public transportation system which seems like a huge accomplishment. I networked with strangers, and had the pleasure of name-dropping so many of my fellow business owners back home while also wearing their merch around the world!

The highest level of gratitude is doing what you love while getting to support so many others in the process. I am grateful.

About the author

Emmi Saufley, owner of Le Kim Associates, LLC and CEO of Runway For A Cause, shares her journey as a fashion and business consultant in the Southern Tier at Southern Tier Fashion Life. You can also find Emmi on Instagram at Le Kim Fashions, Runway For A Cause and Emmi Saufley.


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