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Hot Shots - Town of Binghamton

This month we feature the Town of Binghamton Fire Company, established in 1950, providing fire service to residents in the Town of Binghamton. Since 1950, the Company has worked closely with those in the community to help others in their time of need. The company’s first truck, a 1932 Pirsch, was obtained from the Broome County Airport in October 1951. Repairs and equipment were required to bring it up to firefighting standards. The truck was in service by November 1, 1951. In March 1952, a committee was formed for the purpose of purchasing land for a station.

The Town of Binghamton Fire Company has 10 Apparatus

2 Engines (58-1, 58-2)

2 Tankers (58-1, 58-2)

1 Tower (Tower 58)

1 Squad (Squad 58)

1 Brush Truck (Brush 58)

1 Utility Truck (Utility 58)

1 Command Vehicle (Command 58)1 ATV (ATV 58)The

Several sites were considered, but final acceptance went to land on Hawleyton Road donated by Mrs. Veronica Ward. Construction was started in October 1952. Total cost at the time was $5500. The new station was occupied in January 1953 and a 1000-gallon GMS tanker was purchased from Hinmans Corners Fire Company.

In 1957 the name of the fire company was officially changed from Hawleyton Volunteer Fire Company to the Town of Binghamton Fire Company Inc. The stations were changed from the area names to include station numbers under the unified Town of Binghamton Volunteer Fire Co. banner. Hawleyton - Station 1, Pierce Creek Rd. - Station 2, and Park Terrace - Station 3. The Town of Binghamton

Fire Company is a 100% volunteer fire company serving the approximate 5,000 residents of the Town of Binghamton in Broome County, New York. With 40 volunteer firefighters responding to any emergency: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Fire Company does a variety of fundraisers, (Covid permitting). In August there is traditionally an annual chicken barbecue. Station 1 hosts spaghetti dinners throughout the year. Station 2 puts on pancake breakfasts and Station 3 has an ice cream social every year.

The Town of Binghamton Volunteer Fire Company accepts new members at each monthly meeting. These meetings generally

fall on the first Monday of every month.

To become a member, click on the following link,



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