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Southern Tier Arts & Culture

Folk Art Archival Project To Preserve Vibrant and Varied Culture of Region

Thanks to the efforts of New York Folklore, The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes and other folklife organizations across upstate New York will have the opportunity to work with Andy Kolovos, Associate Director and Archivist of Vermont Folklife. Kolovos will assess The ARTS Council's archive and develop a preservation plan for ongoing maintenance.

"This fantastic opportunity is the first phase of managing, preserving, and sharing The ARTS Council’s archival materials that reflect the vibrant culture of our region," says Victoria Scott, Programs Assistant at The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

Food and Migration with Michael Twitty. Photo by Chris Walters.

The ARTS Council is home to over four decades of folklife documentation. Its holdings document local culture in the form of fieldwork interviews, photos, and documentation of various public folklore initiatives spearheaded by The ARTS Council, including past projects such as Tales from Agnes, Black Voices of Corning, and the Elmira Cultural Mapping Project.


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