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Southern Tier Life: Legends & Legacies

Judge Norman A. Mordue, Extraordinary Elmira Native, Skilled Athlete, Heroic War Veteran and Respected Jurist Recognized at Recent Army vs. SU Game

Written by Catherine White Photos provided by William Freeman and Friends of The Norman A. Mordue Memorial and Scholarship Fund.

On Sept. 23, 2023, The Honorable Judge Norman A. Mordue, who passed away in December 2022, was honored at an Army vs. Syracuse University game for a life of skill, courage and public service.

Left to right: Daughter Jackie, wife Christina, and sons Danny and Michael on the field at JMA Wireless Dome Stadium during the halftime tribute to their loved one, Elmira native Norman A. Mordue. Photo of Judge Norman A. Mordue on sports prompter at JMA Wireless Dome Stadium during the tribute to the Vietnam hero, and accomplished attorney and judge.

This summer, Southern Tier Life wrote about the extraordinary man that Judge Mordue was, and the incredible life he lived, never forgetting his roots in Elmira and the region that raised him.

The Norman A. Mordue Memorial And Scholarship Fund was established to raise money for local scholarships and a memorial to the man who had been a good and true family man and friend, brave and heroic soldier who risked his life to save others, a skillful prosecutor, and a wise and respected judge who reached the highest halls of the New York state and federal judicial systems.

Left to right: A life of accomplishment, Norman A. Mordue on Elmira’s high school football fields, as a Platoon Commander in Vietnam, and as a judge.

A website has been created so that people can learn more about this extraordinary man’s life and accomplishments through testimonials from friends and professional colleagues, mentees and students; personal photos and news stories. Donations may also be made to the Norman A. Mordue Memorial And Scholarship Fund through the website. In addition to raising money for educational scholarships for area youth, a portion of the funds will be used to establish a memorial as a legacy to Norman's many accomplishments, and to inspire future generations of the region and beyond.

Some of his friends have suggested that Norman be added to the billboard of notable Elmirans that greet those entering the city on Water Street.

“Norman was born in Elmira, proud of it and eager to spread the word,” childhood friend William “Bill” Freeman said via email. “Norman excelled in every area of life in which he participated. In athletics, where he was an outstanding football player at Southside (High School) and at Syracuse; on the battlefields of Vietnam, as a student at SU, as an outstanding prosecutor, and county and New York Supreme Court Judge as a leader in the Federal Court, as a Veteran, a community contributor, mentor to several law students and others who have gone on to make their own marks, as a loving husband, a terrific father and the greatest friend anyone could have.”

Proposed memorial to honor the life and achievements of Judge Norman A. Mordue.

Learn more about Norman and his incredible life, and make donations to the Norman A. Mordue Memorial and Scholarship Fund at


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