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Welcome to The Viewsroom with Pfif & AWAC, where Elmira humorist Jim 'Pfif' Pfiffer and former Elmiran/current Austin Texan Cat 'AWAC' White, share their thoughts and wisdom on topics local and global.


Both Pfif and AWAC spent time in the Elmira Star-Gazette newsroom, learning a lot about the communities and people they covered as reporters and columnists.

In every episode of The Viewsroom, you'll laugh (a lot), think (a little), cry (maybe) and learn (hopefully) something that will make your day.

Thanks for joining us!

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Personal photos provided by Jim Pfiffer and Catherine White, except for center photo, which was taken by Ithaca artist Rachel Philipson for a Star-Gazette promotion. 

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Stay tuned for episodes in October!

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