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Minding your business: When Gods Collide

Horseheads board game company launches first Kickstarter The latest in a series of games developed by MetaDreams LLC, “When Gods Collide” has ancient gods battle with chess-like strategy on a unique game board that changes shape every time you play.

Four players can choose to be either Zeus (ancient Greek), Odin (Norse), Amun-Ra (ancient Egypt) or Marduk (Babylonian) and they deploy their checker armies on a “puzzle board” battlefield. One checker in each army is secretly marked as the king /god and when that piece is captured, the god’s army leaves the battlefield. Last player standing wins.

The game pieces and board are made with original art on laser-cut birchwood. The Kickstarter runs until March 7. Learn more about the campaign:

MetaDreams LLC is owned and operated by Ed Bond, a former journalist inspired to make board games after a dream about moving checkers as chess pieces by rolling dice. This is the same mechanic used in “When Gods Collide.” Although this is our first Kickstarter, MetaDreams is planning campaigns for other games such as “Puzzle Board Chess” and MetaCheckers: Soccer.”

Ed Bond is a former reporter, copy editor and page designer for the Elmira Star-Gazette. After his journalism career ended in 2009, he went into board game design and laser-cutting. He also makes custom ornaments and souvenirs, stencils and lettering for signs. Most recently, he has combined laser-cutting with painting and staining to create new kinds of art.

He and his wife, Amy, have two sons, one dog, three cats and one pirate ship treehouse. His games are available through his company’s website and on Amazon through MetaDreams LLC.


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