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Upstate Geechie: E-Town is ready for some Football!

In the 607 there are identifiable NFL heads. They repping they squad. There is a disproportionate number of NFC East fans in the El. Ima speak on it in a couple.

I have comforting and satiating memories of the NFL growing up. I suspect, if I was paying closer attention; the debauchery that dominates now was probably there.

I came into this world as a Steelers fan. My only Christmas request in 1978 was a Pittsburgh beanbag. It was so cool. It took me until February to realize our cat was pissing in it. Rancid.

At age 10, I became a 49ers’ fan. No apologies in terms of proximity. We also have some proud Packers fans in Elmira. NFC East heads, though.

Where should we start? ... Giants NY. There are so many proud stand up tall Giants Fans in the E. – Charles Lynch, Derrick Starks, Jeeba, I think, CJ Stroman … I’m not completely confident but, Randy Reid might rock with them, too. The face of their franchise the last quarter century is Eli Manning (New England assassin. Only punk dudes rock with the Belichick). The G-Men will be better this season. In a division that many have already scripted Cowboys, I think they will be competitive. To me, Daniel Jones is Garoppolo in his ceiling. He needs to have a 10-win season this year. I'm fine with them Gs.

Eagles fans weird AF. They exist in the 14901, 14904, 14871, 14905. Fly High. Ok, to me this fan base stuck on some Donovan McNabb shit. My cousin, Jeremy; AA III; I think Stizzy is, too. They are harmless enough but open on this idea that the Eagles are going in the right direction. They love that ‘Fly High’ shit. It sounds like a cult promotional commercial. Saying, y’all are a 500 franchise. Own it. The Phillies and Flyers more exciting.

The team from DC. I know one Washington fan, Russell. They will be at least 500 this year. Dan Snyder is a tool and needs to find a new hobby. I have no ultimate issues with this franchise beyond Snyder. He is a tool and hampers the future. Hold the phone. Just contacted my guy, VenJara Brooks. Turns out Jordan Brooks a Washington fan. Huh? HUH? His dad stay with “those Boys”. Many here do.

America’s team is cheeks. My ace BC, VJ, loves these bums. My BIL, Jeff Fazzary, loves these bums, too. Cowboys fans are arrogant, irrational and, probably, Yankees fans. If not, they are closely related to one. Jerry Jones is a bigger shit show than Snyder. They are too involved in the direction of their investment. Ten crack commandments, y’all. There rules to this shit. Consignment the 10th. Y’all been on commissary for two decades. Bum asses.

When my BIL, Jeff, was little and “those Boyz” lost in the playoffs (pick any year), he went outside and threw his football on the roof of the school. He lives in Watkins Glen. That ball might still be there. Metaphor shit. Who else rep these bums? Sonny Sessions. He an analyst with real football knowledge. Ain’t helped his squad tho’. Hahahahaha. I see mf’ers in Cowboys gear and it makes me quiet and apologetic. Sorry. As in, “y’all sorry AF.”

The NFL is upon us, y’all.

Matt Araiza, D’Shaun – is Sebastian Janikowski still in the league? Yeah.

The NFL has returned. The fall approaches.



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