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Upstate Geechie: Fishing & Familia

Luis y Cielo ...

My name is Sky L. Moss and mi hermano Luis. Luis es mi cunado. We both love fishing.

It is a shared passion that unites familias. In this instance, it built and continues to grow a family and friendship.

I grew up fishing. Market Street, NE Elmira. I grew up young, next to Eastgate across the street from the Augustines. We fished Brick Pond and the Chemung River then.

When we moved to Lowman I had more options. As an awkward tan/brown kid I found escapism and solace in and around the Chemung River. By age 12, I was a fisherman. By age 14, I knew more about the river’s ecosystems than Cornell heads and old folks. That was where you could find me.

By age 12, I was a fisherman. I, spiritually, quit fishing in 2000-2001. Each year I looked fondly toward warmer weather, bought my license and dreamed of April 1st.

Growing up near Catherine Crick makes April trout conversational.

My dad taught me about fishing. There is a black Elmira fishing story. It involved my family – Mosses, Banks, Simpsons.

I am not sure who taught Luis to fish. Pesca. It does not matter. We talk about that shit, but only occasionally. We married sisters, ninas, and that is how we met.

Luis reminded me why fishing is so cool.

Familia Nicaragua. DeSantis dude and my friend, hermano. In a now where politics can control so many relationships, we both strive to not let it ruin ours. Fishing is more important than politics. We are in the midst of an ongoing fishing battle. It is so brotherly and Multi-Cultural American. I plan on winning.

Cielo Musco.

Fishing, like kite flying, sewing, cooking, athletics, art, music, science are all paths beyond this divisiveness. There are places where politics are intruders, interlopers – GTFOH. I am lucky to have gained Cunado. Mi hermano.

Photos provided. Sky Moss and his brother-in-law, Luis, enjoy quality time fishing in serene settings around the Southern Tier.

Catching fish takes time and preparation.

Luis is a real fisherman. He loves to get casts in, and be on, water. I dig it. We are foiling.

Fishing is an activity in Upstate that gives definition to our geo-description.

He came right in bangin’ em. Day one. Dude can fish.

In April Luis started catching trout. He was catching trout at work. I am, like, ‘he catching trout at work.’

Beyond that, he trying to commandeer family fishing rights.

My padre was never an April fisherman. We did not trout fish that much. Mind you, we caught trout but Luis was targeting and catching trout. So dope.

Luis and my sister-in-law moved up north in fall 2021. Down south he was a Dade County pelican bass cat. He transitioned quickly, and was slaying trout. It brought me out of retirement and helped grow a real cool friendship, one that I appreciate and want to grow.

Fishing is more important than politics. I assumed another brown dude in the family would lessen my political ostracism. I was wrong (not unusual), more importantly I have another brother. Our battle (fishing) will last until one of us does not. We are the top two fishermen in the family.

This summer I have created incredible fishing memories. We only fished once together but we share photos weekly, often daily.

Before the snow falls we will go out together again. I am thinking a trip to the Thousand Islands may be in store.

We can rent a John boat, talk mad shit in two languages, stick our toe in political water before exiting.

Mi hermano. Fishing is more important than politics.

Cielo Musco, River Banks, Up-State Geechie, Sky Moss.

About the Author

Sky Moss is an Associate Professor at Corning Community College. From gardening to music to clothing to politics, and sports. Ask Sky and he will give you his opinion. Sky is multifaceted and his column will make you think.


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