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Upstate Geechie: Spring Time at CCC

Early spring, snow beginning to melt. Flora showing their vibrant colors for the first time this year. Fauna becoming more active. A stream trickling water over a bed of rocks, pooling in areas here and there. A family of deer has their heads lowered to drink while the buck stands guard. Squirrels searching for food on the ground. Birds chirping and singing above in the treetops. The faint smell of pine and fresh grass fill the air, and you are standing there silently in a stand of trees taking it all in Peaceful, right?

The outdoors is a gorgeous place available for all to enjoy. Whether that form of enjoyment comes from observation only, hiking or hunting, just about everybody has something that he or she can enjoy about the outdoors. Some people may say that they don’t have the time or resources to surround themselves in the outdoors, or that they do not know where to go to experience the outdoors, and that could not be farther from the truth. Here at Corning Community College (CCC) the outdoors is well – just outside the doors! CCC is lucky, just a short walk from the campus the students have access to the Spencer Crest Nature Center. Boasting a staggering 250 acres of land, as well as seven miles of trails that anyone can use, free of charge.

It only takes about fifteen minutes to walk from the campus to the trails, and after just few minutes of walking, you will find yourself utterly surrounded by the outdoors. Maybe you don’t want to just go out onto the trail for no reason than to just enjoy nature, well there is a solution for that too, there is a great visual example of the Fibonacci sequence available to see. Maybe you don’t care about numbers; well there is knowledge to obtain on the local flora and fauna available here. Whatever the reason, you should try to make time in your schedule to visit the Spencer Crest trails this spring semester, it is definitely worth it.

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Chemung Valley Audubon Society.


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