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Southern Tier Life: Lessons Learned

Advice from a Teacher aka “Multitasking Momma” by Shelle Green

Thought about my job. I started to write a lovely story about my job as a teacher in Elmira, but I thought and thought … Nope, that's not what my "inner voice" agreed with. So, here goes ...

I am a teacher. A proud teacher in the Elmira City School District.

Job? Teaching isn't my job. My job comes with many descriptions. My job is defined, to me, as a "Multitasking Momma." I, truly, didn't understand this until I’d finished my first three years of teaching and reality set in. (Lol)

I teach but I also worry. What child in my class isn't here today, and why? Who is getting bullied? Who is homeless? Who didn't eat before coming to school today? Who isn't going to graduate?

These thoughts keep me up at night. As a teacher and parent, my "head thoughts" transfer into my actions and tone with my students. My advice to anyone coming into the teaching profession is:

  1. Love – Even on your students’ rough days;

  2. Listen – Because the stories that you hear from our students, you may not want to hear but, you must.

Lastly, think about your favorite teacher and incorporate some of their qualities within your " true self" and you will love teaching.

Thoughts about my job I love.


An Elmira City School District Teacher ❤️

About this Feature

Southern Tier Life's Lessons Learned is a feature that invites educators from the region to share about their teaching experience. If you're interested in contributing to this feature, please email for details.


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