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A Note from Managing Editor: Catherine White

celebrating southern tier life

Last winter (2021) I was asked by an old classmate if I’d be interested in writing a column for Southern Tier Life, a new digital lifestyle magazine featuring my hometown and the place where I lived most of my life. Although I hadn’t done much writing since leaving my gig as a reporter, columnist and assistant editor for the Elmira Star-Gazette, I jumped at the opportunity to get back to something I’d loved doing since adolescence. I was also excited to reconnect with the region I left over a decade ago, and last visited more than five years ago. Many of the connections I have to the Southern Tier are just as deep and strong as when I lived there.

In addition to sharing my own recollections of the area and people that helped shape who I am through Vibing with Cat White, STL helped me get reacquainted with the region through its Minding Your Business local business profiles, stories about community changes, outdoor recreation, historical landmarks, and events.

A year of incredible change later, I’ve been asked if I’d like to take over as Managing Editor of Southern Tier Life. You can find out why in March’s ExPats, featuring Randy Reid, founder and owner of STL.

After recently resigning from my job of the past 10 years, receiving an offer to take a position that would get me back to journalism while highlighting the wonderful, unique characteristics of my hometown, seemed like kismet.

The Southern Tier has so many wonderful things to offer! Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, appreciator of art, local history and culture – there's something of interest for everyone.

In March, the website continues readers’ favorite content with new features that showcase the Southern Tier and all of the reasons it’s a prime place to live and visit.

I’m excited for the opportunity to spotlight a region rich in history, natural beauty and creative talent.

Please feel free to email your questions, comments and story ideas to From local business to community events, outdoor recreation, arts, history and culture; I hope you’ll explore and celebrate all that makes the Southern Tier a great place to live and love with us.

BTW ...

You should know that I’m an animal lover, nature buff, and avid supporter of local arts and sports. I look forward to celebrating all that the Southern Tier has to offer the community and visitors, alike, as a premier destination for recreation and relaxation.


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