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Minding Your Business: Bella Denti Whitening

Brighten your smile at This new Elmira Business

Name of Business: Bella Denti Whitening

Address: Elmira, NY

Social Media: Facebook, Bella Denti Whitening

# Years in Business: Just opened in June 2022

Owner/Owners: Nicole Tufillaro

Why did you start your business? I started my business to help bring confidence back in people's smiles.

Tell me about your business: My business is teeth whitening.

Photos provided.

Who are your customers? Almost everyone, really! Many of the food and drink we consume every day can stain and/or dull our teeth.

I'm a Certified Teeth Whitening Specialist and I can erase those imperfections, providing a whiter, brighter smile.

Other Important Information: There are some exclusions for treatment such as allergies, oral surgery within the last 28 days, etc. A list of exclusions is available on the website.

Call 607.438.0580, or visit the website to schedule an appointment and for more information.

About this feature

Minding Your Business is a free feature that highlights small businesses in the Southern Tier. If you're interested in having a business featured, email for information.


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