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Minding Your Business: Honeysuckle Skin / Your Wellness Matters

Name of business: Honeysuckle Skin

Address: 211 Prescott Ave., A., Elmira, NY 14903

Social media: Facebook, Honeysuckle Skin. Instagram,

# of years in business: 1-½ years

Owner: Chloe McNaney

Why did you start your business? I started my business when I realized I needed to be able to make a change, to make sure everyone felt comfortable in their skin and that the facility was a welcoming space for all.

Tell me about your business: Honeysuckle Skin is a medical, but relaxing space. You can come here for a number of treatments from receiving a chemical peel to target a certain skin condition or a facial to relax from the stressful week; to getting a body wax to be hair-free for an upcoming vacation, or to not have to worry about the hassle of shaving maintenance and ingrown hairs. I put pride in my business to be versatile and have something for everyone.

Who are your customers? 85% of my clientele are women age 21-45.

What did you do differently during the pandemic that kept your business alive? This question always makes me giggle because, of course, everyone did something different. But what I did differently was actually starting this business mid-pandemic. Starting Honeysuckle Skin had always been a dream for me and, despite the health crisis in 2020, for some odd reason, it just felt like the perfect time. I think being in quarantine for so long made me realize that I couldn’t wait for the perfect time because the perfect time is something many of us hope for and never see. But, “before anything is achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed” - Ray Lewis, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker.

Other Important Information: I pride myself in being a young entrepreneur. I was able to start this business when I was 22. I have been in the beauty industry for six years, and now in my down time I’m able to teach Esthetics for a local beauty school. I can make an impact on others’ dreams and ensure they can be an amazing esthetician, like estheticians in the area that I looked up to when I was young.


Name of business: Your Wellness Matters

Address: 211 Prescott Ave., Elmira, NY 14903

# of years in business: 3 years

Owner: Emily Hafler, Licensed Massage Therapist

Why did you start your business? I started Your Wellness Matters with the hope of helping others feel their best. I’ve dealt with chronic pain myself and know how challenging it can be to function day to day. Pain and stress can take a toll on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Massage is an effective way to reduce both. If I can help my clients walk out feeling any better than they came to me I feel like I’m making a positive impact on my community.

Tell me about your business: Your Wellness Matters is a private massage practice located in Elmira Heights, NY. I offer a range of services including Integrative Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue, Cupping Therapy, Prenatal massage, and Aromatherapy Massage.

Who are your customers? My clients find me from all walks of life. I see laborers, athletes, desk workers, expectant mothers, to name just a few. Each client’s goals are as unique as their background. Some seek pain relief, injury recovery, stress reduction, or increased mobility.

What did you do differently during the pandemic that kept your business alive? Everyone in the service industry struggled tremendously during the early shut down stage of the pandemic. I can’t say it was an easy first year of business for me. I had to adapt to new guidelines and requirements while pivoting to new approaches for building a growing practice when physical touch was something people were shying away from. I wish I could tell you some grand secret, but patience and perseverance are the simple answer to why I survived. I’m very blessed that I was able to make it through with lots of support from family and loyal clients.

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