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Minding Your Business: The Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor

Name of Business: The Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor

Address: 221 S. Franklin St., Watkins Glen, NY 14891

# Years in Business: 40 years

Owner/Owners: Peter and Eileen Honsberger, and their daughter, Jackie Honsberger

Why did you start your business?

My parents always wanted to own their own business, and when the shop went up for sale in 1982, they jumped on it! For fun and for future investment.

Tell me about your business:

We specialize in homemade hard ice cream, novelties, cakes, gelato, sorbet and vegan.

Who are your customers?:

Kids of all ages, worldwide.

What did you do differently during the pandemic that kept your business alive?

We implemented pints -- pre-packaged homemade ice cream with fun packs like toppings or cones to go, and curbside service. Then we added in new windows so we could do a Walk-up Window service. We still keep the window going today.

Photos provided - The Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor Facebook page.

Other important information:

Our indoor seating is back open.

We work with other local businesses to incorporate our ice cream with their products, like coffee, wine, etc., but also to cross-promote each other. A win-win for everyone!

We also cater to birthday parties, weddings, schools and company picnics with our ice cream wagon. We can bring an ice cream social to your door, or we can do a light food menu with dessert.

Additionally, The Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor does presentations around the community to showcase our liquid nitrogen machine, which brings ice cream and science together, making ice cream on the spot -- right before your eyes!

Finally, we have events throughout the year, throughout the Seneca Lake region. We also wholesale our pints and novelties to to seven businesses within the Finger Lakes region.

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