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Minding Your Business: Craft Farm

Providing Natural Products and Peace of Mind to Customers

Name of Business: Craft Farm

Address: 228 S. Main St., Elmira, NY 14904

Social Media: Facebook, Craft Farm;


# Years in Business: 6

Owner/Owners: Allison Duncan

Why did you start your business?

Craft Farm was born out of a desire for a more creative lifestyle -- one that could focus on nature and sustainability.

The soap and skincare products started as fun DIY projects. I was looking for natural personal products, while also reducing my consumption of single use plastics. I really enjoyed the research and formulation process of creating new natural products for myself and my family. As I became more skilled, I began to share my products with others. People kept coming back for more, so I kept refining my recipes and offering more options.

Tell me about your business:

Craft Farm is an exploration in creative & sustainable living with a focus on artfully produced products for everyday life. I am certified by the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild and specialize in plant-based, palm-free soap and skincare products.

I think of this business as an evolving canvas, and I expect it to continue to adapt and grow.

Who are your customers?

Craft Farm customers are usually looking for natural, low-waste product options to incorporate into their daily routines. They appreciate high quality craftsmanship, everyday luxuries, and self-care. Plant people and nature enthusiasts are usually our kind of people too.

What did you do differently during the pandemic that kept your business alive?

The pandemic offered both challenges and opportunities for Craft Farm. In 2019, I began to look for a production space, outside of my home studio. I found a great affordable location in Elmira in the beginning of 2020. I used the early days of the pandemic to refine my business plan and seek potential funding for the growth into the new space.

Near the end of 2020, I began converting the commercial space into my new workshop and small retail location. Since craft shows, markets, and in-person shopping opportunities were either cancelled or limited, I focused attention on improving my online presence. I improved my online shop and introduced delivery and pick-up options for local orders.

As craft shows and events were reintroduced, the support of customers was exceptional. It is, of course, the support of customers choosing to shop small and local that have really helped to sustain and grow Craft Farm during the pandemic.

Other Important Information:

Craft Farm is based at 228 S. Main St. in Elmira. This space is used for production during the week, and the small retail shop is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., with extended hours around the holidays.

The entire inventory can also be shopped online. Craft Farm participates in a full schedule of events throughout the year, including a wide range of craft shows and markets around the region.

Wholesale and custom orders are also available. Craft Farm products are currently available at over a dozen other retail location. Shopping and more information can be found at

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