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Hot Shots: Owego Fire Department

The month we feature the Owego Fire Department, an all-volunteer organization made up of five companies: Susquehanna Hose Co. #1, Wave Hose Co. #2, Croton Hose Co. #3, Hiawatha Engine Co. #4, and Ahwaga Ladder Co. #5.

The Owego Fire Department was founded in August 1828 after the village was plagued by numerous fires. The department’s original firefighting apparatus was a hand-pulled hose wagon where the water was supplied by hand operated pumps mounted in wagons. In 1866 a horse drawn steam engine was purchased that could pump water up to 250 feet. Owego was also one of the first in the area with a horse drawn ladder wagon to help reach upper floors during a fire.

Today more than 300 members comprise the Owego Fire Department in several capacities including fire and rescue services, water rescue, fire police, and emergency support services.

The Owego Fire Department Fleet consists of:

  • Susquehanna Hose Co. #1, 801 – Pumper: 1996 Freightliner – 4 Guys 1000 gallons, 1250 GPM

  • Croton Hose Co. #3, 803 – Pumper-Tanker: 2008 KME Pumper-Tanker on an International chassis 2000 gallons of water, 1250GPM pump

  • Hiawatha Engine Co. #4, 804 – Pumper: 2004 Pierce Contender, 1000 Gallons. 1500GPM

  • Ahwaga Ladder Co. #5, 841 – Tower Ladder: 2001 Pierce Mid Mount Arial Platform – 350 gallons, 2000GPM

  • Wave Hose Co. #2, 851 – Rescue: 2010 KME Heavy Rescue

  • 843/844 – Water Rescue Boats

The Owego Fire Department is organized to save lives, suppress, and control fires, provide emergency medical services, and provide fire prevention education, hazardous materials response, water/ice rescue, public assistance during natural emergencies, and other activities as deemed in the best interest of the fire department or citizens of our community. Firefighter training for the entire Owego Fire Department is held weekly. Specialized crews and teams train as necessary. Additional training is provided throughout the year in the form of state training courses and seminars. Chiefs and line officers serve as the safety committee. The safety committee consists of the line officers of the companies and any other personnel deemed appropriate by the chief.

The department operates out of four stations and responds to roughly 300 fire calls per year. Members dedicate an average of 300-500 hours each year attending calls, training sessions, and organizational meetings.

The Owego Fire Department encourages any person who lives or works in their fire coverage area to join and become a part of the Owego Fire Department family. Find more information about the application process here:

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information:


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