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Southern Tier Cannabis Culture: Education

Updated: Jun 10

Elmira College Launches Cannabis Certificates to Meet Demand for Educated Workforce

by Sarah Grossman, Elmira College

Elmira College continues to expand its academic offerings for students interested in future-focused industries with the addition of three cannabis non-credit, or certificate, programs designed to provide job skills training for those interested in a career in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis, the fastest-growing industry in America, was legalized in New York State in 2021. Recognizing the growing need for educated workers in the industry, EC has partnered with Green Flower, the leader in cannabis industry education, to offer these in-demand certificate programs, which will cover: advanced dispensary associate skills training, cannabis extraction and product development, and cultivation.

"With the surge in the cannabis industry in New York, skilled professionals are, and will continue to be, needed," said Dr. Patricia Ireland, Elmira College Provost. "This non-credit, professional program extends the reach of EC's existing medicinal plant chemistry concentration, by offering opportunities beyond a four-year degree for those looking to enter the industry or those who are currently in the industry and want to expand their skills and knowledge."

Photos provided by Elmira College and Green Flower.

"Green Flower is honored to be partnering with Elmira College to offer our three cannabis industry training programs. As the business of cannabis continues to grow at a record pace in New York, we are excited to partner with such a great and historic institution," says Green Flower Vice President of Higher Education, Daniel Kalef.

"As a highly-regulated industry, the need for expertise in all of these areas of cannabis is vital for the future workforce and the businesses who will employ them," Kalef said. "We applaud college leadership for taking a significant and groundbreaking step in offering ways for people to train for careers in the fastest growing industry in New York and the country."

Each certificate program takes 9 weeks to complete and is offered fully online. Those interested can register and begin courses at any time with online instruction offered by expert faculty members vetted and selected by Green Flower. Upon certificate completion, graduates will have access to Green Flower's employer network.

Courses cost $800.00 and are now open for enrollment. Receive $50 off when you register by June 16, 2023 using discount code, ELMIRA50.

For more information on EC's certificate programs please visit

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